Six Steps to Healthy Feet

Home Care Massapequa

Home Care Massapequa

In a lifetime, the average person walks 100,000 miles. Every day, your feet take a pounding. If your feet aren’t healthy, your mobility and balance are negatively impacted. How well is your dad taking care of his feet? These six steps are the keys to healthy feet.

Wear Shoes That Fit and Support Properly

Your dad needs shoes that offer the right fit and support. If he has high arches, he needs arch support, and that could mean purchasing inserts. His shoes need to be long and wide enough to fit properly. If they’re too loose, they’ll rub and lead to blisters, but the same can happen if his shoes are too tight.

Take your dad for a professional shoe fitting. You might be surprised to learn that he’s not the 11 extra-wide you always thought. He’s actually a 12 regular.

Trim Toenails Straight Across

When trimming your dad’s nails, cut straight across. If you curve the edges, you risk him developing ingrown toenails. Not only are they incredibly painful, but they can also lead to serious infections. File any rough edges to prevent them from scratching his legs while he sleeps or catching on his socks.

Apply Foot Cream Daily

Apply foot cream every day. If your dad’s feet are moisturized, they’re less likely to crack. It helps keep his skin supple.

When purchasing a foot cream, aim for one without perfumes and chemical ingredients. You could save a lot of money and just buy coconut oil to moisturize his feet. It smells great, won’t harm his pets if they ever lick his feet, and is affordable.

Schedule an Appointment With a Podiatrist

Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. Also, ensure your dad has a ride to and from that office. A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in foot care. His podiatrist will check for problems, ensure his nails are trimmed properly, and discuss proper care.

Don’t Walk Around Barefoot

Do not walk around barefoot. It’s comfortable, but the minute your dad steps on something sharp, he risks an infection. Even if he vacuums or mops his floors every week, germs from his pets’ paws, other people’s feet, and bacteria from the kitchen and bathroom are present.

Even the smallest crack or puncture on his foot could lead to severe infections. Protecting his feet is important. He should wear slippers when he’s walking around his home.

Hire Home Care Aides

Who helps your dad take care of his feet? If he’s not as limber as he used to be, he might not find it easy to bend over and check the bottom of his feet or trim his toenails. Home care aides can. Hire home care aides to help your dad trim his nails, check his feet for sores, and apply foot cream.

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