Five Ways Routines Help Your Senior Live a Better Life

Elder Care in Plainview

Elder Care in Plainview

If your elderly family member is used to having chaotic days, that’s eventually going to take a toll on her and likely on you as her family caregiver. Chaos every once in a while can liven things up, but it isn’t a great environment for your senior to accomplish what she wants in this stage of her life. What will serve her much better are a series of routines that keep her headed where she wants to go.

Routines Offer Structure and Security

An easy way to think about routines is that they’re the scaffolding for your senior’s day. She may engage in different activities every day, but she needs a base routine that offers her some security so she feels safe. That can be huge, especially for people experiencing cognitive changes. Elder care providers can help your senior find routines that work for her.

Routines Support Healthy Habits

Solid routines will move your senior from one healthy habit to another. These habits then become the basis for keeping her as healthy as possible. A solid night of sleep leads to a healthy breakfast, some brain-engaging activities, movement, and healthier meals and snacks. Each habit works toward a specific goal for your senior.

The Right Routines Reduce Stress

When your senior doesn’t have a series of routines that lead her through her day, she’s more likely to feel off balance and stressed. Having you and home care providers with her during the day can also help relieve your senior’s stress, especially if she needs more help than she might realize. Keeping her stress levels under better control ensures your senior can focus on other things.

Routines Can Keep Your Senior Independent

One of the biggest issues for aging adults is often that they are concerned they’ll lose their independence now or at some point in the near future. That may not be the case. But the fear of losing independence can cause your senior to make some decisions that don’t always make sense to you or other people. Having solid routines keeps your senior functioning in the ways that she’s able to function for as long as possible.

Your Senior Knows What to Expect

Consistency is at the core of everything to do with routines. Your elderly family member knows when elder care providers will be there with her, what they can help her do, and what her days will look like. All that works together to offer her a calm, steady environment in which to thrive.

Routines don’t have to be boring at all. That can be one of the complaints your aging family member might have about adopting some routines. But that isn’t the case at all. The right routines aren’t going to be dull or keep her from living her life as fully as she wants. They’ll allow her to do so fully.

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