Helping Your Parent Heal from a Hip Fracture

Senior Home Care Plainview

Senior Home Care Plainview

A hip fracture occurs when there is a partial or complete break of the thigh bone (the femur) at the spot where it meets the pelvic bone. It is a serious injury that is painful and requires immediate care. While it can happen to anyone, it is more commonly associated with the elderly. A major impact would likely be needed to break a young person’s thigh bone. However, your elderly parent may just need a slip on the ice or a stumble down one step.

While surgery is the immediate answer to repair the damage, your elderly parent will be coming home after surgery and need some long-term care to get her back on her feet again, ready to be active and enjoy life. To do that and not have the fracture cause a life-long reduction of activity, you’ll want to work with her doctor, her senior home care provider, and family members to help her continue the slow but steady road to recovery at home.

Here are four ways to help your parent recover quickly and fully from a hip fracture. It’s important to discuss these steps with her physician.

Exercise her body

When they are used, the better healed the bones become. It may seem like your parent should just rest and let her body do the work it needs, but getting daily exercise will help the body do its work. Any type of weight-bearing exercise (such as walking) can stimulate the bone to heal. Your parent will need a lot of support (both physically and emotionally) when she exercises, so having a senior home care provider regularly assist her with exercise can help her stay motivated and safe. The key will be to start slow, and then gradually increase.

Monitor what she eats

While it may be more comforting to sip on milkshakes all day, as your parent recovers, you’ll want to make sure she’s eating a diet that’s rich in protein for her muscles and rich in calcium and Vitamin D for her bones. You’ll want to help your parent make every calorie consumed count toward helping her body heal. Ask your senior home care provider for help in preparing special meals rich in these nutrients. Then your parent doesn’t have to use too much energy in making meals.

Keep her busy

While rest is important, staying at home 24/7 with no guests is not a good way to heal. The state of mind of an individual often dictates the healing of the body. Depression can make healing take longer than normal. So, don’t be afraid to have visitors come over. You might even have your parent take a short walk to the next-door neighbor’s place to say hello. You might also ask your senior home care provider to visit. They can spend time on games or puzzles with your parent.

Encourage her to keep at it.

Recovery takes a long time, and it can be frustrating when results are immediate. She’ll need you and others in her life to encourage her to do what she can each day.  Then she can continue to get better and better.


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