Want to Do More to Keep Your Senior’s Heart Healthy?

Home Care Assistance Bellmore

Home Care Assistance Bellmore

Heart health is a big deal for seniors, especially if your elderly family member has had cardiovascular issues in the past. Conditions like high blood pressure often lead to other heart concerns if your elderly family member hasn’t taken them seriously before. Some of these ideas might help your elderly family member keep her heart even healthier now and in the future.

Reduce Her Stress as Much as Possible

If your senior only does one thing to improve her heart health, it should probably be to reduce her stress levels. And seniors have a lot more to be stressed about than it looks on the surface. Home care assistance can take over daily tasks that are challenging, which can leave your elderly family member with time to relax and simply enjoy her day.

Try to Kick Some Bad Habits

Everybody has at least one bad habit related to their health, but are your senior’s bad habits contributing to heart problems? Things like kicking salt or excess sugar, stopping smoking, and cutting back on alcohol intake can all have big implications for your senior’s heart. It’s not easy to make some of these changes, but it’s definitely worth it.

Make Some Healthy Diet Swaps

Speaking of changes, dietary changes are usually high on the list of good ideas for heart health. Your aging family member might not be up for much cooking, either, especially if it’s just her. Letting senior home care professionals take over the cooking can do two things. First, it relieves your senior of the stress of handling that chore. But it also serves as an opportunity to use more whole foods in your senior’s diet.

Encourage Exercise, if She Can

If your elderly family member’s doctor clears her to exercise, she should try to do so. Home care assistance can remind her to include this in her daily routine, while also watching out to ensure she’s safe while she moves more. Just adding a few extra minutes of exercise to each day can have some big benefits to your senior’s health. Her ability to get quality sleep, and her energy levels.

Don’t Skip Those Routine Doctor’s Visits

Depending on your elderly family member’s experience with doctors, she might not be excited about keeping up with those appointments. To ensure her heart is as healthy as possible, she needs to make it to all her check-ups. It’s much easier to do this with home care assistance, especially if your senior doesn’t drive anymore.

The big thing to remember about keeping your senior’s heart healthy is that little changes can yield some big results. It’s not worth stressing her out to argue over some of these changes. Especially if her doctor doesn’t feel as if she’s in immediate danger. Continue to encourage her to make the right choices. Then over time, they can pay off for her in some big ways.

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