Should Your Senior Parent Adopt a Pet?

In-Home Care in Jericho

In-Home Care in Jericho

November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and now is the perfect adopt for your senior parent to adopt a senior pet. Senior pets are ideal companions for seniors, because they generally have less energy than a younger pet, and they love to just snooze and be with their human companions. There are some fantastic health benefits seniors can get by having a pet, which can improve their quality of life and make them happier.

If you have concerns about your senior loved one’s ability to care for a pet, those are valid concerns. Caring for a pet can be physically demanding. But in-home care can help seniors take care of their pets, as well as help them with housework, laundry, shopping, and other tasks. With in-home care, you won’t have to worry about your senior loved one trying to lug huge bags of pet food or lift giant containers of cat litter.

If your senior loved one is interested in adopting a senior pet, some things that you and your senior parent should consider are:

The Best Kind Of Pet For Your Senior Loved One

There are many factors to consider when choosing what kind of pet is best for a senior. Most seniors prefer either cats or dogs. But there are other things to think about, like how much food will the pet eat? Will it need daily exercise? How much exercise? How big will the pet be? What will its medical costs be? How much equipment will it need? Does your senior parent’s house have the space for a large dog crate if they are considering a large dog?

It’s a good idea to sit down and make a list of the pros and cons of each type of pet that your parent would be interested in, so that they can make the best decision about what type of pet is right for them.

Vet Care

Another concern seniors and their families have about having a pet is the vet care it will need. Many senior pets just need routine exams to ensure they are healthy. But as the pet gets older, there is an increased chance they will need more care, just like people. If getting the pet to the vet is a concern, because your senior loved one doesn’t drive anymore, in-home care can help ensure pets get to the vet when they need to go.

Pet Care

Seniors and their families also worry about who would take care of the pet if the need arose. In-home care can ensure the pet is well-cared for until your senior loved one comes home. If a family member can’t take the pet temporarily. So don’t let concerns about care stop your senior loved one from enjoying the love and companionship of a pet.

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