Gather Your Family for a Game Night on National Play Monopoly Day

Elder Care in Commack

Elder Care in Commack

Lizzie Magie developed and patented the Landlord Game in 1904. Then, Charles Darrow took her game and changed the idea of a game based on a landlord’s abusive tactics to one where property owners wanted to develop a monopoly. He patented his game and sold it to Parker Brothers in 1935, creating the original Monopoly.

November 19th is National Play Monopoly Day. It’s a game that you’ve likely played in your life. It’s one your mom knows well. And, it’s one your teens also know well. Why not have a fun day playing Monopoly and ending it with a potluck family dinner?

Check Out These Versions of Monopoly

The original Monopoly game was about owning the top properties like Park Place, Boardwalk, Pacific Place, etc. You also had two utilities and four train stations. The game has branched out a lot over the years. There are versions based on professional sports, TV shows, and video games. Here are some top options if you want to try something new.

Monopoly Bid: This game is better when you’re short on time. It’s a Monopoly card game where properties go up for auction and players bid on how much they’re willing to pay. After the bid cards are revealed, the player with the highest bid wins that property and is one step closer to completing a set of properties. Undoubtedly, strategy is everything in this game.

Monopoly Builder: In this take on the original game, you’re building up your island with skyscrapers. The first to complete their buildings with a penthouse wins.

Monopoly Junior: You have all the basics from the original game, but it’s scaled down to make it easier for younger kids to play. There are variations, including Peppa Pig Monopoly Junior or Super Mario Monopoly Junior.

Monopoly Travel World Tour: Travel the world in this take on Monopoly. Instead of purchasing properties, you purchase tickets to explore the world and complete tasks during your voyages. Stamp your dry-erase board when you’ve completed the tasks in each destination.

Why Go for a Potluck?

So, why not just cook a meal at your mom’s house? Firstly, that takes time that cuts into the time you spend playing Monopoly. Secondly, your mom gets more variety if everyone brings a different dish. Third, the cleanup is minimal if people prepare dishes at their homes and reheat them before dinner.

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