What Seniors Can Do About Phantom Smells

In-Home Care in Commack

In-Home Care in Commack

Phantom smells are much more common than people used to think. As it turns out, seniors are especially likely to experience phantom smells. Some research even indicates that phantom smells can be associated with Long Covid, a set of symptoms that people experience after having Covid-19.

Sometimes phantom smells are indicators of potentially serious medical conditions, like heart attacks or strokes. But not always. Sometimes they are just an annoyance that seniors need to deal with.

While smelling perfume, cigar smoke, or other familiar smells that aren’t really there can be annoying phantom smells can have real consequences for seniors. For example, a senior who smells smoke in the middle of the night may lose sleep night after night trying to track down the source. Or a senior with a phantom smell in their nose may not smell bleach or other cleaning fluids before they become a hazard.

Even though it’s impossible to get rid of phantom smells, there are some things seniors and their families can do about them, like:

Get In-Home Care For Seniors

With in-home care, seniors will have someone else around to help them determine if what they’re smelling is real or not. Also, a caregiver in the house helping a senior can ensure seniors don’t do things like mix cleaners by accident. This may happen because they can’t smell them and they can’t tell which cleaner is which. Seniors worried about fire can sleep better at night knowing a care giver is there if there is a fire, and knowing that if they smell smoke, it’s probably not real.

Make Sure All Smoke Detectors Are Working

It’s a valid concern for seniors and their families to be concerned about fires. House fires are deadly. Seniors often are injured or killed because they can’t react fast enough to escape a burning house. So make sure your senior parent’s smoke detectors are all in good working order and have new batteries. That way, if the smoke they smell is actually smoke, they can trust that the fire alarms will go off. Likewise, if the alarms don’t go off, they can trust that the smoke they’re smelling is a phantom smell.

Don’t Use Scented Products In The House

Scented products can cause allergies and respiratory problems. They can also make it difficult for someone experiencing phantom smells to know what smells are real and what aren’t. Seniors should avoid heavily scented carpet powders or carpet sprays, laundry soap, candles, room diffusers. So that they won’t end up in a potentially serious situation where they are experiencing phantom smells. Seniors worried they smell phantom smells may also want to make an appointment with their doctor.

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