What Can Companion Care at Home Aides Do?

Companion Care at Home in Smithtown

Companion Care at Home in Smithtown

Your dad says he wishes people were around more often during the week. As much as you want to make that happen, you work full-time. Plus, your kids are in school and have after-school activities. Add in your social life, and being with your dad for a full day each week is challenging.

You visit when you can, but it’s usually limited to a few hours. Have you considered meeting his needs for socialization by arranging companion care at home?

What Do Companion Care Aides Do?

Companion care is a service where caregivers come to your dad’s home and help in several areas. First, they provide company. He has someone to talk to. If he wants company while watching a movie or TV show, he has it. If he wants company while he takes a daily walk. His companion care aide is right there.

Caregivers keep his home clean and organized. His caregivers can clean the counters and wash dishes. If he has a dishwasher, his caregiver loads it, adds detergent, and sets the correct cycle. His caregiver puts the dishes away when they’re clean and dry. They vacuum, dust, sweep, and sanitize surfaces like remotes, light switches, and handrails.

They do the laundry. This includes changing dirty sheets and towels. The caregiver will collect the dirty linens and clothing, run a load or two of wash, move things to the dryer, and fold everything when it’s dry. Once folded and even ironed if needed, the caregiver puts things where they go.

He’ll never eat frozen meals again. Caregivers can cook your dad’s meals. His caregiver will ask what he feels like having that week. They’ll work together to plan a menu, create a shopping list, and even shop for groceries if needed. When it’s time for a meal or snack, his caregiver prepares it.

You can have caregivers help your dad with additional household tasks. He may need help remembering to clean his cat’s litter box. It’s an option. So are things like changing light bulbs, taking out trash and recycling, and watering house plants. He also has help to pay bills on time, get the mail, and sort the junk mail from the important mail.

His caregivers also help him run errands. They can drive him to his appointments, wait for him in the waiting room, and bring him home again. If he needs to stop and get a prescription refilled or pick up groceries, it’s an option.

Get Started

The goal of companion care is to ensure your dad has the help he needs to remain independent in his home. He also has company to ensure he never feels lonely or isolated. It’s not to take away his freedom or keep him from doing things he can do on his own.

Talk to a home care specialist about the options available for companion care at home. Your dad can have caregivers there once a week, a few times a week, or every day. At last, he’ll have people to cook his meals and join him for dinner, take him shopping, and much more. Get started by getting a list of questions together and making a call.

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