Why Seniors Should Choose 24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care in Bellmore

24-Hour Home Care in Bellmore

When seniors want to age at home, they often think they’ll end up in a facility and lose their independence. Their families may also assume that. But there is another option. Seniors don’t have to give up the life of independence they love just because they are getting older. It’s true that there are practical and safety concerns about seniors living alone at home that are valid. But 24-hour home care is available that will allow seniors to stay safely as they get older. Leaving their homes is not the only choice.

With 24-hour home care, there is always someone in the home with your senior parent. This is ideal for seniors with medical conditions who require equipment overnight, like CPAPs or supplemental oxygen. It’s great for seniors who have had heart attacks or strokes and are alone at night. Some other benefits of 24-hour home care include:

Medication Management

Not all seniors only take medications once or even twice a day. Your senior parent may need to take medications at different times throughout the day and night. Especially if they have had a major event like a stroke. With 24-hour care, there is a trained caregiver to ensure your senior loved one gets the medication they need, no matter what time of day or night they need to get it. Likewise, there is always someone there to help your senior loved one if the medication causes side effects.

Meal Preparation

Seniors don’t always eat three meals a day. As seniors get older, they prefer to snack or graze throughout the day or even at night. When your senior loved one has someone there with them all the time, there is always someone who can make them a meal, a snack, or a protein drink. Your senior loved one is much less likely to become malnourished if they have a caregiver around the clock, because they can eat whenever they are hungry.

Lower Risk Of Falls

When seniors fall, it’s often either at night when they are trying to get into or out of bed, or it’s while they are bathing, or when they need to use the bathroom. Your senior parent will have a lower risk of serious fall and becoming injured when they have someone there 24-hours a day to help them get out of bed, use the bathroom, or take showers. And if your senior parent does fall, there will be a caregiver right there to call emergency help.


Being alone at night can be a risk for seniors. Seniors are often targeted by criminals who see them as easy to rob and likely to have money or valuable items in the home that they can steal. Having someone in the house with your senior parent 24-hours a day will lower their risk of being a victim of crime.

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