Three Senior Care Services That Make Entire Families Happy

Senior Home Care in Commack

Senior Home Care in Commack

Your dad lives alone, but he’s slowing down. He relies more and more on you and your brother, but you both have jobs. It’s time to consider three senior home care services that help families find a balance between their lives and helping their parents.

Meal Preparation

Your dad isn’t a good cook and never has been. If you’re not there to cook, he’ll eat a frozen pizza or microwave soup. It’s not the best nutrition, as it’s high in sodium and often saturated fat and sugar too.

Hire senior home care aides to discuss having caregivers available to cook meals for your dad. His caregiver will talk to him about his favorite foods, create a menu, and prepare those meals. If he wants company while he eats, he has it.


Hire caregivers to take care of your dad and the chores during the week, instead of doing it all on the weekend. When you visit your dad, you’ll have more time to spend with him.

Caregivers can vacuum and sweep his floors, dust furniture, and change his sheet. His caregiver collects and washes his laundry. Once it’s dry, it’s folded and put away. If there are dirty dishes, his caregiver will wash them or load the dishwasher and set it up to run. When dishes are clean and dry, his caregiver puts them away.


When your dad has multiple appointments each week, errands to run, and shopping to do, it’s hard to handle all that and your own responsibilities. Sure, you can bring your dad to the grocery store with you on the weekends, but that doesn’t solve his issue of needing rides to his physical therapy and doctor’s appointments.

You’re still free to drive your dad around when you can, but you don’t have to take another day off of work. This can be a problem for family caregivers. Too many family members run out of vacation time, sick days, or personal days, and have to take time off unpaid. Can you afford that?

Instead of taking days off, pick and choose when you’re free and when a caregiver is needed. You don’t risk your financial well-being. Plus, your dad needs the help he needs to run errands, attend appointments, and attend therapy sessions.

Do these sound like services that would help your dad stay independent while aging at home? Would they help you find the right work-life balance, while also lending a hand to your dad? Book senior home care today, and enjoy the peace of mind that your dad is cared for when you’re not around.

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