The Most Common Questions Seniors Have About Home Care

Home Care in Valley Stream

Home Care in Valley Stream

When seniors want to remain at home, but need some extra help and support with daily living and housework, home care is a good solution. Home care allows seniors to live independently at home with individualized support that can increase as they get older if necessary. Even though home care for seniors is something that makes life easier and safer for seniors and their family members, seniors and their families often have a lot of questions about home care. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about home care for seniors:

What’s Included in Home Care?

Generally, the services included in home care typically depend on what your senior loved one needs. Usually light housework, like doing dishes, dusting, and vacuuming, is included. Add laundry, driving seniors to appointments, shopping, and other services if your senior loved one needs extra support in those areas. Home care providers are also companions who share meals with seniors, provide conversation and social interactions, and provide practical support. Seniors get all the benefits of having someone with them during the day or at night to help them around the house.

Can Seniors with Alzheimer’s Get Home Care?

Yes, seniors with medical conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s benefit from home care. They may need specialized Alzheimer’s care or Parkinson’s care. So, they have caregivers whose education and experience excels in helping seniors with those medical conditions. But home care is available for them. If your senior loved one has a serious medical condition, talk to a care agency locally today to learn more about the specialty care available in your area.

Can Home Care Help My Senior Parent Recover at Home?

Yes, home care providers can help seniors recovering from a medical event, or a fall, recover at home. Seniors greatly prefer recovering at home, and home care can make that happen. With a home caregiver, seniors have someone in the house daily. These caregivers help them with personal care, get food and water, clean linens and laundry, and ensure their comfort.  Many seniors recover more quickly when they can recover at home instead of in a rehab facility.

Does Home Care for Seniors Help With Pet Care?

Home care providers can help seniors care for their pets. Seniors and caregivers can walk dogs together, or the caregiver can walk the dog in bad weather. Caregivers often enjoy taking care of pets and become attached to senior’s pets. Additionally, care providers can help seniors get their pets to the vet for routine care. They also make vet appointments at home for annual exams and vaccinations.  Pets bring love and companionship to seniors. Home care certainly helps seniors ensure their pets are well cared for.

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