Meal Prep Hacks That Will Encourage Seniors To Eat More

Meal Prep Hacks: Home Care Assistance Valley Stream NY

Meal Prep Hacks: Home Care Assistance Valley Stream NY

Seniors who are aging in place may not be getting enough to eat. Malnutrition is a real problem for seniors, and family caregivers often struggle to try and convince seniors to eat more. There are a lot of reasons why seniors don’t eat as much as they should. Sometimes seniors just don’t want the hassle of cooking a meal for one person. And other seniors may have difficulty lifting pots and pans so they don’t cook. Home care assistance can be a big help when it comes to getting seniors to eat more. With meal preparation done by home care assistance providers seniors are more likely to eat regular meals and snacks that will help them keep their weight up. Some meal prep hacks that seniors and their home care assistance providers can use to make meals easier for seniors are:

Prep Individual Ingredients

A fantastic way to make meals more appealing to seniors is to make sure there are individual ingredients prepped and in the fridge and freezer. Put a wide variety of proteins like a single chicken breast, a burger, a portion of meatloaf, or other proteins on one shelf. Then put a variety of vegetables on another shelf ready to go. Seniors can grab a protein and a couple of vegetables that they want and make their own meal from the prepared options. That allows seniors to customize their meals.

Color Code Labels

Sometimes seniors won’t eat because they are having trouble reading the labels on foods that are prepped in the fridge or freezer. A better way to code foods that are already prepared is to use large colored stickers. Use one color for proteins, another color for vegetables, and another color for grains and so on. Your senior loved one will be able to put together a full meal using the color codes on the wrappers rather than having to try and read the labels on all the items.

Make Sure Healthy Snacks Are Easily Available

Seniors should always have some healthy snacks available so that if they don’t feel like eating a full meal they can still get a nutritious snack. Protein shakes that have at least 30 grams of protein are a fantastic snack. Pre-washes and cut fruit and veggies with dip are also great for snacks. Keep the fridge stocked with healthy snacks that are easily accessible.

Buy Single Serving Pack

Single serving packages of foods are perfect for seniors who don’t have big appetites. Single serve yogurts, string cheese, small single serve packs of pudding, fruit, applesauce, cheese, and other foods are smart things to keep in the house at all times. You can even find single serve microwave packages of grains and pastas. Those single serve packs will encourage seniors to eat because they won’t be wasting food. And for some seniors the single serve packs are easier to open and hold than other packages. Find out what foods your senior loved one likes and load up on single servings of those foods.

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