Elder Care Offers Transportation Assistance For Seniors

Transportation Assistance: Elder Care Huntington NY

Transportation Assistance: Elder Care Huntington NY

An estimated 20% of adults aged 65 or older don’t drive. When your dad is unable to drive his car due to his health, prescriptions he takes, or vision loss, make sure he doesn’t feel isolated. What can you do to make sure your dad always has a ride when he wants or needs one? Hiring elder care for transportation assistance is a great option.

Careful Scheduling Makes a Difference

When your dad has a number of different doctors he works with, you need to carefully schedule appointments to get as many done at once as you can.

For example, your dad needs to see his dentist, eye doctor, cardiologist, and podiatrist soon. If you’re the one accompanying him to all of those appointments, try to schedule as many as you can for one day.

Keep in mind to not overwhelm your dad with too many appointments, especially if he tires easily. You also want to leave gaps between appointments to allow for doctors who are running late. While waiting for the next appointment to start, you could stop and have a coffee or get a snack at a nearby café.

Look Into Local Senior Center Outings

One way to get your dad out of the house and active with others his age is by checking out the local senior center outings and events. Senior center outings vary from one area to the next, but there may be outings to the theater, a museum, or a shopping mall.

Sometimes, the center arranges group outings for lunch and a movie or a sports game. If there are no outings, your dad may still be able to socialize at a luncheon, dinner and dance, or game night.

Create a Shared Calendar

Use something like Google Drive that everyone can access for free to establish a shared monthly calendar. List all of your dad’s upcoming appointments in a spreadsheet that can be shared with multiple people.

Make notes as to what they’re for and where they are taking place, the office’s contact information, and any information that your dad has to bring to the appointment. When he has an appointment and you can’t bring him, other family members can offer to help out. If no one else can, you need to look into elder care services for transportation.

Arrange Transportation Assistance Services

Hire an elder care agency to provide caregivers for transportation. A caregiver can stop in and help your dad with daily tasks. When your dad also needs to go out to stores or has an appointment or meeting, his caregiver can drive him.

Work with your dad’s elder care aide on transportation. There may be some appointments or errands you plan to accompany him to. But, when you can’t easily get out of work to bring him, he has an elder care aide for transportation assistance.

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