Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care For Epileptic Adults

National Epilepsy Day: 24-Hour Home Care Plainview NY

National Epilepsy Day: 24-Hour Home Care Plainview NY

National Epilepsy Awareness Day falls each year on March 26th. Since your dad’s stroke, he’s been having epileptic seizures which isn’t uncommon. Around 7% of stroke patients develop epilepsy.

While his doctors decide on the best medications to ease his seizures, you’ve been told to make sure someone is with him at all hours of the day and night. It’s a good time to sit down with other family members and discuss the benefits of 24-hour home care. Learn more about what 24-hour home care aides help with and how the services work.

He’s Never Alone

Until your dad’s medications are working properly, he could have a seizure at any time. Medications will eventually help, but it can take time to find the best medication and dosage. Until then, he can have a caregiver with him if he does have a seizure.

His caregiver can sit down with him, offer reassurance that he’s not alone, and help him out after. If he needs to change his clothing or get cleaned up after the seizure, his caregiver is there to help.

If your dad needs someone to remove items he might hit while having a seizure, the caregiver is there. If it’s been five minutes and he’s not coming out of it, his caregiver can call paramedics and alert you that he’s had another seizure.

He Has Someone to Remind Him to Take His Medications

When your dad has epilepsy, he’s going to have additional medications to take. He’s probably on blood thinners after his stroke. He may start taking anti-seizure medications, too. His caregiver can help him keep track of when it’s time to take his next pill.

Caregivers Work in Shifts

One of the biggest misconceptions about 24-hour home care is that the aides sleep while your dad is sleeping. That’s not the case. Caregivers work in shifts and are awake the entire time. If your dad’s caregivers work eight-hour shifts, he’d have three caregivers working in shifts to cover the full 24 hours.

Sometimes, caregivers work 12-hour shifts, and others may work six hours. No matter what the schedule is in his area, one caregiver will show up and relieve the other caregiver at the end of the shift. He always has a caregiver at his home and ready to help him as needed.

Arrange 24-Hour Home Care to Ensure Your Dad Has the Necessary Support

Your dad can have a caregiver with him throughout the day and night. His caregivers can help him during the day and check on him while he’s sleeping. He doesn’t have to be alone, and you don’t have to stop working or move in with him to ensure he’s safe.

It’s time to make a call. Talk to an advisor about your dad’s care needs after his stroke and how often he’s having seizures. You’ll learn more about the prices and how to get started.

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