Companion Home Care offers a variety of services to enrich the daily lives of our clients and fit most every budget. Our caregivers are so much more than companions. They are trained to make living at home a joy for each and every client.

Our trained consultants can help you evaluate your long term care and other insurance options and assist in completing all paperwork you will need to get your benefits started.

For so many, the idea of aging and requiring assistance can be overwhelming. Our caregivers strive to assure that the client feels as comforted by their presence as they would if it were a family member or close friend.

The services performed by our caregivers include:


As seniors age and become less able to care for their own daily needs they tend to withdraw and suffer from feelings of helplessness and depression. Our caregivers are trained to encourage the client to stick with their established daily routine. They will provide socialization, play their favorite game, assist with correspondence to friends and family, go for a walk and so much more.

Light Housekeeping

Your caregivers will do the daily dusting, vacuuming and laundry. They will change the bed linens on a regular basis and make sure the home is neat and orderly as the client would have had it when they, themselves had been able to do these tasks. This contributes to the client having a sense of continuity and security. A comforting feeling that little has changed.

Meal Preparation

Your caregiver will prepare favorite meals and assure that your loved one eats on a regular basis. They will enjoy mealtime together, again, enhancing the feeling of family and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Liquid Intake

Many seniors do not consume enough liquids, most importantly water and your caregiver will encourage this.

Medication Reminders

Your caregiver will keep track of the clients medication schedule and remind them when it is time to take any required medication.

Travel and Transportation

Your caregiver will drive to appointments or activities that are requested*. Whether it be a trip to the park, the doctors office or their favorite bingo game, the client will enjoy full mobility.

Other Daily Activities

Your caregiver will assist and supervise with bathing, dressing, grooming, ambulation, monitor food freshness, do the grocery shopping, bring in the mail, water houseplants and so much more…

* transportation is subject to availability of licensed caregiver and clients vehicle. Caregivers personal vehicle cannot be used to transport client due to insurance restrictions.