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If you are a Veteran or the Surviving Spouse of a Veteran, you may be eligible for VA Aid and Attendant Pension Benefits that can cover all or most of your home care costs!


Veteran’s Program Pension Summary
(this is separate and apart from your existing pension)

The VA·s non-service connected disability – Aid and Attendance Pension – was designed to assist wartime veterans or their surviving spouses with the purchase of necessary non-reimbursed health and home care expenses. Included in the VA definition of non-reimbursed expenses are: private health care premiums, continence supplies, diabetic supplies, some equipment rental expenses and home care expenses.

Home care includes services such as assistance with cooking, light housekeeping, transportation, errands, grocery shopping, providing medication reminders, and providing supervision while dressing and grooming. These are all services that Companion Home Care will provide for you.

Once you have qualified for this assistance, we will work with you on a comprehensive care plan and arrange for care that is appropriate for your situation. Federal law prohibits us from assisting in the filing of these application forms. Please contact an eldercare or veterans care attorney for assistance in filing these forms.

Q & A about benefits and Application Information
Instructions and Form 21-526 (large file)
List of the documents you will need
List of VA offices click here
Further assistance can be obtained by contacting the Veterans Administration.